Week Five

In the first five weeks of tasks, this may be the most meaningful in determining what are your strengths are and which areas you need to improve upon. PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!

At the end of each work day for the next week you should take fifteen to twenty minutes to evaluate each activity you did or did not do, (but know you should have). Keep a short, written record of exactly what you did that particular day and how you benefited from it. Also, write down what you could have done to become even more efficient or successful at that one activity.

Example: When you review your day, let’s say you conducted a listing presentation. Ask yourself,

What did I do that seemed to be very effective?

What did I do that I could have eliminated; it really wasn’t necessary?

Which things did I say where I got a positive response from the sellers?

Was there anything I did or say where I sensed the sellers were not on the same page as me? Their reaction was negative, puzzlement or uncertainty.

Did I make any promises to them that I need to be fulfilled?

Did I say anything that seemed to get them enthused or excited?

How specific did I get in telling them what they needed to do in order to assist in the marketing of their home?

What could I have done to reduce the amount of time I spent in the listing presentation?

If I were to go back out tomorrow and do the presentation again, what would I do differently?

Example: In reviewing your day, think about which prospecting activities you did.

Did I make any phone calls today with the express purpose of generating leads?

If you did; Did I make the calls in a “cluster” of calls or did I spread them out throughout the day?

Did I make the calls in an efficient way?

Did I use a script?

Did I say anything that I wish I would have said differently?

Did I ask questions, thus controlling the direction of the conversation?

Did I make certain that the conversation included real estate dialogue and not just personal conversation? If good friends, did I begin the conversation with, “I’m calling with my real estate hat on today?”

Did I directly or indirectly ask for the business? If no one was at the number called, did I leave a message telling them I was “just thinking about you and wanted to know if I could help you or anyone you know with your real estate needs?

Example: Other questions you may ask yourself in your “debriefing” are...

What did I do today that was really not necessary?

What did I do today that I could have done more quickly? How?

What should I have done today, but simply didn’t get around to? What prevented me from doing it? (other than just not making it a priority)

Of the hours I worked today, how many did I actually work? Are there personal things I did during the day? (these may be necessary, but they do subtract from your actual work hours)

Did I waste time today talking to other agents or other people on the phone or in person?

Did I have a list of what needed to get done today? Was it prioritized?

If you didn’t have a list, what would the list consist of for tomorrow? Categorize your “to do’s” into A, B or C. Must do, Should do or Do when there is time.

Given your entire day, how would you rate it in productivity? 1 being a total waste of time and 10 being the most productive day possible.

Conduct this Review Process each work day this coming week and experience improvement in efficiency that you never dreamed possible!

Ron Snow
Principal Broker
RE/MAX Metro

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