Week 6 of 12 RE/MAX Metro Coaching

Week Six

If you took seriously your “assignment” for last week, you should be feeling either very good about your efficiency or recognizing the need for being much more specific in your daily activities. It would certainly benefit you greatly to continue the exercise of evaluating each work day for this coming week as well. That’s entirely up to you.

I would like for you this week to specifically identify which activities you are going to do and what your objectives are. Lay out a five day work week and write down Monday through Friday. List the activities you are going to do daily. List the activities you are going to do once sometime during the week. For weekly activities, which day of the week will you do it (them)? For daily activities you may choose to identify when you will do them; morning or afternoon.

What are your objectives this week?

How many phones calls will you make?

How many notes will you write?

What did you learn from last week’s tasks that you will change for this week? Assign them a day of the week if appropriate or write them down for each day, if a daily activity.

In the past 30 days, what have you learned about the way you conduct your real estate career?

Where does your business come from?

What are the biggest time wasters for you personally? How can you begin eliminate them?

How much money did you spend or commit to spending this week in promoting yourself?

What are the things you’re doing that you really don’t enjoy?

What are the most enjoyable aspects of what you do?

How can you develop more enjoyable things and eliminate those you don’t enjoy?

If you had to select ONE thing you will DO DIFFERENTLY what is it? How will you do it differently? If you are truly serious about this, then e-mail it to me at ronsnow@remax.net

Have a great week!

Ron Snow
Principal Broker
RE/MAX Metro

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RE/MAX Metro Utah said...

Now is a great time to put your thoughts in motion! We are half way through the year, it's time to push a little harder.