RE/MAX Metro - Rick DeLuca Coaching Week 4 of 12

Week Four

Total transactions CLOSED in the last twelve months?

Buyer controlled sales:

Listings sold:

What was your personal income in the past twelve months?

What is your income goal for the next twelve months?

What is your year to date income?

Totals for the last twelve months:

Total listings taken?

Total listings expired or withdrawn?

How many listings do you currently have active?

What is your average marketing time for your listings?

What is the percentage of your average list price versus the actual sales price?

Year to date numbers:

Total listings taken?

Total listings sold year to date?

Total buyer controlled sales?

Total expired and withdrawn listings?

What are your SIX primary methods of prospecting in the last twelve months?

Which methods of prospecting have been the most successful? Identify the percentage of business generated from each of these 6 methods of prospecting activities?

Average total number of hours spent on prospecting activities each week?

Average total number of hours spent working each week?


Call 10 more people from your target this week and tell them you are planning your next twelve month business plan and you’re curious what services they think you should incorporate into the plan. (Yes, I know we did this for the past two weeks; but this may be one of the most valuable exercises you will do if conducted with sincerity.)

(List the 10 names below and their comments)

Send each one of them a handwritten note thanking them for their input and time? End it with “keep me in mind for anyone you know who has a real estate need!”

Call twenty people this week and tell them about a new listing you have taken (or an office listing) and/or a buyer you are working with and the buyer’s needs. Tell them if they happen to run into someone looking to sell a home that meets the needs of your buyer and/or if they run into someone looking for a home like the one you described “please give them my name and number.” You may be surprised at the leads generated from this activity. Remember to call people you know well. One of the dangers of this business is that we don’t always have a real estate conversation with those people closest to us and we lose their business because they don’t think we need their business anymore.

Ron Snow
Principal Broker
RE/MAX Metro

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