Week 3 of 12 RE/MAX Metro Coaching

Week Three

Do you have a written business plan for the next 12 months? If not, do you have one for the next 90 days?

Do you review it regularly? How often?

Do you break the activities down into daily, weekly and monthly activities?

When you compare yourself with the competition (people of same experience level) how do you compare?

What are your strengths in this comparison?

What areas of improvement are there? List the 3 most important.

What are your most successful methods of prospecting for business?

What percentage of business comes from each of these three sources? (you must know this!) You can’t possibly improve on your upcoming performance unless you first know precisely where your business has come from in the past. This will obviously vary depending upon your experience level. If you have been in the real estate business for at least three years on a full time basis, then a minimum of half of your business should be generated from your database. If that is not the case, there is real room for improvement. Quite frankly, it may be the easiest thing for us to improve on! Remember, it costs 7 to 10 times more to find a new customer/client than simply take care of the past ones!!!

Which prospecting activities do you enjoy the most?

Which prospecting activities do you enjoy the least?

(I’m a firm believer that you will not continue doing something long term unless you truly enjoy the activity. That’s why some coaching programs will have results short term, but once the accountability is removed the production typically drops dramatically. That’s why we will focus on determining which activities you would choose to do; rather than the ones you must do.

Call 10 more people from your target this week and tell them you are planning next year’s business plan and you’re curious what services they think you should incorporate into the plan. (Yes, I know we did this last week!)

(List the 10 names below and their suggestions)

Send each one of them a handwritten note thanking them for their input and time? End it with “keep me in mind for anyone you know who has a real estate need!”

Take another successful agent in your office to lunch next week and ask them what they feel are the most important things they do. Pick their brain; buy them lunch!

Remember… When you complete each week’s tasks – Go to blog.remaxmetroutah.com and post a summary of your results and comments for all to see. Writing a goal and sharing it with those of like mindedness helps you achieve your goals as well as encouraging others to stay on track and achieve more.

If you do not feel comfortable posting for all to see, please email your results and comments to ronsnow@remax.net

Ron Snow

Principal Broker

RE/MAX Metro


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Christine Bybee said...

Reviewing my business plan makes me aware that it is an avenue to reach my goals. In that way, I use written goals to help me visualize, like a post it note on my home monitor of the amount of properties I want to have in inventory on a consistent basis. The number continues to grow and the business plan is and will be adjusted accordingly. Plan your work and work your plan... Words from my dad!