Week 1 of 12 RE/MAX Metro Coaching


This coaching program is based on the Coaching of Rick DeLuca. I will be adding thoughts and examples along the way from my professional and personal experiences. I would ask that you follow along and participate. Fell free to call me at any time.

About Rick

One of the most popular speakers in the US since 1989, Rick DeLuca continues to assist the real estate industry in its efforts to adapt to a changing real estate market. The same practical and systematic approach to selling that enabled him to become one of the top agents in the country during his fifteen year career is now being utilized by thousands of real estate professionals throughout the world.

Realtor of the Year, Salesman of the Year, speaker at every national franchise convention, he now brings his talents to your market area so you may discover the very "systems" he created in order to achieve a consistent level of production well beyond what most people believe is even possible for them.

Rick DeLuca's record speaks for itself:

  • He sold 42 homes his first year in the business.
  • He has earned both Salesman of the Year and Realtor of the Year honors from the State of Nevada.
  • In a market with a population of 200,000 people, Rick averaged nearly 200 sales per year.
  • His company was nationally recognized for their individual production levels!

Regardless of your experience level, Rick promises to share systems that will both increase your production and allow you to work smarter, rather than just harder.

Week One

As we begin our process, I genuinely hope you establish and maintain guidelines that will enable you to take full advantage of the direction you decide upon. Let me list a few basic, yet pivotal, components for you to consider in maximizing your time spent.

Clearly, you may modify these steps, but think long and hard before you discount any of them. They were crucial in allowing me and other top producing agents to first obtain, then maintain record levels of production and simultaneously enjoy true balance between work and personal life.

1. PUT EVERYTHING IN WRITING! You must fight the temptation of not putting things into writing. Many of the activities you are asked to do will require you to take the time of writing things down. We all, because of human nature, tend to skip this step. We are anxious to “get to the task at hand.” Although we mostly understand the importance of committing things to writing, it simply seems like a time consuming step that would not have major impact if it is ignored. WRONG! I will never ask you to do something for the sake of doing it. There will always be a purpose!

2. BLOCK OUT A SCHEDULED TIME. When you receive the week’s tasks you would benefit greatly by scheduling a specific time to complete the itemized activities. Example; you know that each Friday you will receive the objectives, so you schedule thirty minutes on Saturday morning to have some private time to go over each one. Hold all your phone calls, do no other activities and take on the items you are given. If it asks you to research some particular data, then do it during this thirty minute time block.

3. SCHEDULE IN ADVANCE. While reviewing the assigned responsibilities you will note that some of them should be completed during the work week. Look at your upcoming schedule and make an appointment when you will do them. Don’t wait until you have time sometime during the week to do it; before you know it the week will have gone by and the tasks never completed. Then here comes the next weeks’ tasks and you are now behind. Example; you are asked to make phone calls during the week to past clients/customers and instructed what to say to them. You know that the best time to do this might be Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Schedule it in your appointment book; just as you would if you had the opportunity to list a $900,000 property. You wouldn’t just show up to your appointment if you happened to have time and remembered it. Well, treat yourself just as you would that potential seller; with respect and punctuality.

4. DO THINGS IN BLOCKS. Make every attempt to do similar activities in a specific block of time. Get into a rhythm. If you are going to make calls, you will have more success if you do five or ten at one time, than if you do two of them this morning, another two or three tomorrow afternoon, then the rest the next day. By doing them in a block of time you will develop momentum and get into a flow. Remember, the first call, hand written note, or any other activity is always the most difficult! Once you do the first one, they progressively become easier and more productive.

Your First Week’s Task

The initial phase of our improvement program will be for you to identify your objectives. It makes no sense for your to launch into the activities until you first come to a conscious decision of what exactly do you hope to obtain from this process. Too often we are so anxious to get to the end result we overlook the beginning steps. Thus, our first few tasks will be spent in deep thought. Be as precise as you possibly can in answering the question below. After answering it initially, go back and look at your answer a few days later. Do you still feel that way? Can you be more specific? I realize it is difficult to see three months in advance, but use your brain and heart in answering that question. What do you truly hope will be different? Be realistic, but stretch yourself to new dimensions.

Give great thought to this first question. Create the level of seriousness you will establish in this process immediately. If you skip over this simple (yet ultimately it is perhaps the most important question you will be asked) it will set a tone for future tasks. Let’s get off to a great beginning!

What do you genuinely hope to achieve during our coaching relationship at the end of...

30 days?

When you complete each week’s tasks – Go to blog.remaxmetroutah.com and post your results and comments for all to see. Writing a goal and sharing it with those of like mindedness helps you achieve your goals as well as encouraging others to stay on track and achieve more.

If you do not feel comfortable posting for all to see, please email your results and comments to ronsnow@remax.net.

Ron Snow
Principal Broker
RE/MAX Metro


RE/MAX Metro Utah said...

As we start this coaching program I look forward to reading your comments. Feel free to post your successes as well as failures. If you miss a week, DO NOT STOP! We can get you caught up and back on track. Please feel free to share this training with anyone you feel might benefit from it! Have a great week.
Ron Snow / RE/MAX Metro 801-690-1813

Don Patton said...

At the end of 30 days, I want to feel like I have invested my time wisely & that I have picked up new ideas that genuinely work. I want to be able to physically see results that I wouldn't have otherwise gotten without this coaching. I want to incorporate new ideas into my business that I can feel good about and become comfortable with if they are currently out of my comfort zone.
In a nutshell, I want to see results that I can expand and build my business around.

kellyshuldberg said...

Create new habits and become more efficient with time:
Schedule lead generation
Form daily and weekly task list
Improve follow up and follow through
Review achievements weekly
I will have 2 new listings and 1 under contract in the next 30 days!

Andy Gunther said...

I hope to develop better time management skills. Be able to work smarter & become more organized in my work life as well as my personal life. When I achieve that, success will follow.

Jeremy Summers said...

I hope to get excited about real estate and having success in sells again. I hope to get refocused on my schedule and how I spend my time. I'm excited to try new ideas and I am ready to see results. Bring it on!!

Unknown said...

I have always done "OK" in Real Estate. I have been able to make enough do enough that my family and I have been "OK".......

At the end of these first 30 days I want to be so far on my way to change that to go back to "OK" would be idiotic!!

I want to improve just 1% every day on top of the day before in my business and in my personal life. I say 1% because I think that is doable. But at the end of these first 30 days I don't plan on just being 30% changed.....1% on the 1% from the day before compounds!! At the end of 30 days I will be well on my way to lasting change and at the end of this program... I am juiced for the changes to come.

I want to become more efficient at focusing my time on activities that bring about business and recognizing what tasks can be deligated to other people, thus allowing my not to get caught up in "busy work."

I want to be accoutnable to my prospecting. When I schedule time to prospect I WILL BE PROSPECTING!!!

I want to become more efficient at closing the deals so I am not taking Buyers around for months on end just hoping and hoping they ask me to write up an offer!

I want to become more confident that when I make a listing appointment and go on it that I will be able to take at least 50 - 75% of the listing appointments I go on.

I want to make a change in myself as to when people ask me what I do for a living, I don't just sheepishly reply, "Oh I am still plugging away in Real Estate." I want to look them in the eye and tell them about the awesome industry that I work in and all of the cool things that are talking place in the market place. When I get done talking to them I want them to think, "Holy cow! Real Estate isn't a four letter word like the media makes it out to be and if I EVER think about buying or selling I am going to call MIKE!"

I have already started to see a change take place in me and I am excited. In this week I have taken two listings, put one house under contract, and wrote another contract last night that I hope to have under contact by the end of Friday!!

I am JUICED about this program and I would love for anyone else in the program to call me out if you see me slacking or ask me what I am doing today to improve 1%!

Holly said...

In 30 days, I want to have my first listing. I hope to learn new ways to generate leads. Most importantly, I hope to learn how to become more efficient and organized. I waste way too much time that I could be using to do something productive.

Norm Robbins said...

I would like to get organized & be prepared for our markets changes.
Be efficent at goal setting
Develope a balance between family and work (and golf)
Find better ways to market my self and my listings

Linda said...

1. Implement a system to call and connect with my past clients.
2. Enjoy working my business connections.
3. Get some great - doable- ideas from the agents in our company and implement them on a consistent basis.

Linda said...

I need to implement and efficient, effective system to consistently contact my clients on the phone. Establish a great way to get back to prospective clients (a follow up for phone calls).

Maria said...

My intention is to create two new habits; writing everything down and scheduling time to write notes. Next month 2 more!