Realtor Magazine Top 100 Companies 2010

Another major study confirms that RE/MAX Associates, on average, outproduce their competitors at other national franchise brands. Realtor Magazine's annual Top 100 Companies report appears in its July/August issue and ranks U.S. brokerages by 2009 transaction sides and sales volume.

Two RE/MAX brokerages finished No. 1 and No. 2 in per-agent averages among all offices on the transactions list. RE/MAX Results of Eden Prairie, Minn., led the way with 23 sides per agent, while RE/MAX Achievers of Scottsdale, Ariz., was next at 20.

Leading average among national franchise companiesAmong the offices included on the transactions list, RE/MAX Associates averaged 14.3 sides each, nearly 40 percent more than the closest franchise competitor. In fact, the RE/MAX figure more than doubled the average of several national brands.

RE/MAX offices on top; in upper thirdAll seven of the RE/MAX firms on the transactions list had a per-agent average of 10 or more, putting them into the list's top third. Those offices: RE/MAX Results (23); RE/MAX Achievers (20); RE/MAX Gold in Rancho Cordova, Calif. (16); RE/MAX Greater Atlanta (14); RE/MAX Alliance in Arvada, Colo. (13); RE/MAX Allegiance in Burke, Va. (12); and RE/MAX Equity Group in Portland, Ore. (10). Sixty-nine of the ranked offices – none of them affiliated with RE/MAX – had averages less than 10.
Strong in sales volume averages, tooAmong the offices included on the sales volume list, RE/MAX Associates averaged $3.38 million in sales volume each, which is 65 percent greater than the closest franchise competitor. RE/MAX figures more than doubled the average sales volume per agent of most other national brands named.
2009 Sales Volume of National Franchise Companies (millions)

RE/MAX offices enjoyed similar results in sales volume to offices on the transactions list. All told, eight RE/MAX brokerages made the Top 100 in sales volume, and all of them posted per-agent averages in the Top 25. No other national franchise competitor had more than one brokerage in that top quarter.

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Comments (1)It was with interest that I read your report on the Top 100. It might have made it more interesting for me and our agents, if statistics from Canada would have been included. RE/MAX Central in Calgary has been the top-producing agency for 11 years now, and not a word did I find. – Susan Hansen, RE/MAX Real Estate Central, Calgary, Alberta

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