Connect with Clients Through Social Media

Meeting new people in real estate is part of the job. Another part of the job is connecting with clients and keeping those relationships long after you've closed on a house. One way to keep those connections, promote yourself, and gain new clients is through social media. However, building and nurturing those relationships through social networks is not always easy.

So, how do you relate with clients online and engage with them?

First of all, foster relationships and a great way to stay in touch with clients is through newsletters and blogs. Let them know what you are up to and more importantly, let them know you are always available to answer their questions or help them where you can.

Be authentic and think of social media as a way to collaborate with others, not push yourself on to them. Please know if you are being fake with them so take the time to let people get to know you on social media. By building their trust you can better assist your clients with finding their dream home.

For more about connecting with clients through social media, Entrepreneur has a great article.

Tell us your thoughts. How do you stay in touch with past and current clients?