Week 8 of 12 RE/MAX Metro Coaching

Week 8 of 12

We are now finishing up two months of an introspective examination of yourself. If you have followed the activities closely and put true emphasis on completing them in a serious effort, the results should be obvious. You see, I firmly believe you cannot make an intelligent decision regarding how to increase your future efficiency and production until you have a very accurate history of your recent past efficiency and production. That’s what this past eight weeks has been about!

This week’s activities will be the most abbreviated to date; however, it may be a turning point in your real estate future.

Look at the past seven weeks of activities and identify the TOP FIVE THINGS you have learned about yourself (both strengths and areas of improvement). I don’t want to prompt you this week by listing examples (as I have in the past). I want you to put serious thought into your observations. I can’t wait to see what your write down! I hope you can’t wait either.

We are going to start on a serious journey for our last four weeks of activities.

You heard me say in the seminar you attended, how important it is to have a daily list of what you want to accomplish. It’s now time to TAKE THIS TO A NEW LEVEL. Beginning this week I want you to have a list of everything you need to accomplish written down each day.

Don’t concern yourself with how many things are on the list. The important thing is to develop a routine of writing down your objectives EACH DAY! Remember what you heard me say – “Every one of us deserves at the end of the work day to have a feeling of accomplishment, success and/or achievement.

Although simple, this strategy may be one of the most important things you do to increase your overall production and efficiency.

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