How to Use Pinterest to Curate Content for Your Facebook Business Page

One of the best ways to use Pinterest is as a curation tool for content to post onto your Facebook business page.

Think of Pinterest as "buckets of content" that you can re-purpose for your Facebook page. For example, if you are an agent  in San Francisco, you may have Pinterest boards like:

  1. San Francisco Living
  2. San Francisco Dining
  3. San Francisco Sunset
  4. Only in SF
  5. Our Awesome Team

These boards are created from repinning other photos or from installing the "pin it" button and pinning things for your own site or from your favorite sites you visit daily.

Think about the buckets of content you'd like to share on Facebook. If part of your strategy is to post one piece of content from each bucket each day, it really takes the guess work out of what to post.

If you were to create these five boards, here is an example of a Facebook content strategy,:

  1. Monday: Post one photo of an amazing home (perhaps one of your listing current or past).
  2. Tuesday: Post a photo of one of the best places to eat in San Francisco with a link to the restaurant.
  3. Wednesday: Post an incredible sunset photo.
  4. Thursday: Post a photo that is silly or goofy about San Francisco.
  5. Friday: Post a photo with a little-known fact about your team.

Here is an example of a photo we had on Pinterest and how we also used it on Facebook:

Step 1:

Pinterest - RE/MAX Metro

Step 2:

Pinterest RE/MAX Metro

Step 3:

Pinterest - RE/MAX Metro

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