Tips to Help Clients Survive Closing

It’s good to have clients, and even better to have clients who close. But, more than ever agents have to help consumers jump hurdles to get to the gauntlet that can be the closing process. Here are tips on how you can prepare your buyers to survive closing successfully:
Spell it out
Lee Hudman, Realtor Consultant with Keller Williams Metropolitans in Houston, TX says he, “Sends [buyers] a letter that tells them step by step where to go, what to bring, what to expect, what they should not do, [and] what to do to prepare before hand.”
You’re an agent, your value is in knowing the process. Each deal is different, but putting down your knowledge of the buyer’s deal and the pieces involved is valuable reference material for your clients.
Get Them the Closing Documents Early
Tara Nichole Nelson, Trulia Blog Contributor and Broker with Rethink in San Francisco suggests, “agent and mortgage broker to provide them with their loan and title documents at least a day or so in advance – earlier, if possible. If you have to sign 300 pages at the closing table and you know your keys and moving plans hang in the balance, the chances you’ll be scrutinizing every line are pretty slim”
Taking the time to review documents prior to closing lessens the chance of errors and oversights on important details like interest rates and closing costs that could potentially stall or totally stop your buyers from crossing the closing finish line.
Avoid Surprises, Pass along this handout
A buyer’s worst enemy at the closing table is surprises and information they wish they had in the month prior. Download this helpful handout “4 Tips for Avoiding Surprises at the Closing Table” to make sure your buyers don’t fall into some of the common pitfalls that prevent successful closings.

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