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Week Seven

In last week’s assignment I asked that you seriously consider ONE thing that you were going to do differently. Have you done so?

If you have...

What was the net effect of doing it differently?

Did it increase your efficiency?

Did it simply make things a bit more enjoyable for you?

Will you continue to it this way?

How will you continue to modify it?

If you did not...

If you did not get around to doing this activity, you really need to objectively answer these questions. Trust me; many people who go through this process have difficulty making this a priority.

What was the one single obstacle that kept you from completing this task? Too busy, put it off until later, didn’t think it was important enough, couldn’t identify what the one thing was you wanted to change? Trust me when I tell you it is crucial that you make this task a priority! Give some thought to why you truthfully didn’t do this task. Your reason for not doing the exercise may very well shed more light on what you need to work on, than the task I originally asked you to complete. You see, selling real estate is one of the most challenging professions you can undertake.

I believe the discipline that is required to do the things we know we should do takes extraordinary will and courage. It is so easy to put things off or never get around to them because we are so busy. What makes a difference in the long run is how can we get ourselves to do these things. I suggest that one of the reasons we struggle with maintaining this consistency is because we are doing things we (deep down inside) don’t really enjoy. Now, why didn’t you complete this task?

What are the three daily activities you will do this week? Is it making ten calls to your sphere of influence? Is it handing out one business card to someone you don’t know? Is it writing five notes to people you do know or just met? Identify what your three most important daily activities will be this week?

What are the three weekly activities you will do this week? Send me an e-mail and share! ronsnow@remax.net

Ron Snow
Principal Broker
RE/MAX Metro

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