Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Weekend! Unleash your imagination; dress up in a fabulous costume, and stock that bowl by your front door with candy bars, M&M's, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, or anything that is sugary and sweet. Make this weekend a fun one! Even better, make it a profitable one too! I saved an article from last year that talked about the benefits of holding a Halloween Open House. This presents a unique opportunity for attracting potential clients to that listing that has been sitting in your inventory for a bit too long. I know you are the type of agent that is always on the lookout for new ways to stand out in your business so I know you will enjoy the article below. As always, keep up that hauntingly fantastic work you are doing in your business and have a spooktacular weekend!

Halloween Open House
This year Halloween falls on a Saturday, so why not use the holiday to market your home? While your first thought might be "Cheesy," in actuality it could be brilliant. First, think of all the kids walking the streets with their parents. Halloween etiquette dictates that parents have to stop at a house if the porch light is on. The same parents who may not have time to stop by a normal open house have to at least go to the front door on Halloween.
This is an especially good idea in the case of a vacant house. Why let your vacant home fall prey to a Halloween prank when it could be used as a marketing opportunity. You don't need decorations; little children are just there for the candy. Besides, moms hate it when a home is dark and spooky. Keep it simple, a bowl of candy and a table or someplace to sit the bowl of candy.

Open any curtains or blinds, turn on the lights and let the home brighten up the darkness. Invite the kids into the home to get the candy, welcome the parents to look around. Hand the parents a printout of the listing or make a home brochure for the parents to take with them. If the parent declines your invitation to tour the home then thank them for stopping by and ask them to give the brochure to any who may be looking for a home in the area.

Keep it fun and remember the most important rule - The kids are only there for the candy so make sure you have plenty!

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