Soar With Eagles!

While other companies may brag about their number of agents, the question is: just how much business do those agents actually do? Do they close deals or just take up space in the office? Are they really real estate agents if they don't sell real estate? Weakened by a lack of investment in advertising, and social networking, some real estate companies are piling up huge debts just to survive.

In these challenging times, it makes sense for some agents to cut back on their overhead costs. But, what they don't take into consideration could be a huge mistake and damage what they've worked so hard to achieve. While as a real estate agent, you're in business for yourself, having a strong brand to partner with could be the difference between struggling and succeeding.
What makes a difference to buyers and sellers, and your bottom line, is whether you can make the sale. RE/MAX agents have proven time and time again that they can. The average RE/MAX agent has more transactions than competing agents. That means sellers and buyers can count on you to get the job done. And your family can count on you as well.

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