We’re proud to announce that the launch of foreclosures on remax.com is right around the corner!

Soon consumers will be able to search over 1 million pre-foreclosure, auction, and foreclosure listings on remax.com. This will inevitably result in more leads for your Agents. If your Agents are experienced with the foreclosure process and would like to receive foreclosure leads from remax.com, simply tell them to login to LeadStreet and check box 1a in their Agent Options page.

If no Agents in your office choose to accept foreclosure leads, then all the foreclosure leads your office receives will bounce back to the Broker as an Unassigned Lead.

Any foreclosure leads your Agents receive will include ‘Foreclosure’ in the lead notification subject line to differentiate them from non-foreclosure listings. Foreclosure leads will begin to flow into LeadStreet once we officially launch foreclosures in late October. Foreclosure leads will only be sent to Agents who opt-in to accept them, by checking box 1a in their LeadStreet Agent Options. Please note that choosing to opt-in for foreclosure leads will in no way affect the number of leads that Agents will get on non-foreclosure properties.

Further communication will be sent once foreclosures are live. In the meantime, please encourage your Agents to go into LeadStreet and check box 1a if they’d like to receive foreclosure leads in addition to the standard leads they’re already receiving.
We’re excited to bring this new component to the forefront of remax.com. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

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